Colosseo Studio Suites Rome - Luxury apartment accommodation in the center of Rome by the Colosseum
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Colosseo Studio Suites Rome
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  Welcome to Colosseo Studio Suites Rome

Colosseo Studio Suites in the center of Rome are six luxury self catering apartments in one block, conveniently located in the historical center of the city just a few moments from sight of the Colosseum and the Imperial Roman Forum. Mainly designed for two people (we have one apartment ideal for three), the suites are cosy yet spacious, contemporary yet welcoming and expertly designed by practical and comfortable. Opened in 2005 as part of the Relaxing Hotels group of luxury accommodations in Rome, the Colosseo Studio Suites provides the ideal quality accommodation to the romantic trip of a lifetime.

  Colosseo Studio Suites Location... Features...

* 500m from Colosseum
* 300m from Roman Forum
* 500m from Termini Central Station
* 1.2 km from Trevi Fountain
* 1.5 km from Spanish Steps

Each suite is fully self sufficient and staff are only on hand if called, so you’ll have the utmost privacy and liberty to enjoy Rome on your own time. The kitchen corner is neat and versatile, while in the main living area guests can make use of our wireless internet connection, DVD player and various other features - see our Suites page for more details.

* Six luxury apartments in one block
* Parquet Flooring
* Wi-Fi Connection
* DVD Player, Stereo H-Fi and Plasma TV
* Climate Control

Colosseo Studio Suites Rome
Colosseo Studio Suites Rome Italy, Via Cavour, 261, 00184 Rome Italy
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In the center of Rome by the Colosseum and Roman Forum...